Attaching Your Clematis in Style


a bundle of Rebiga

If you’re a discerning gardener that cares how you unite your clematis to its structure forget about using those green twist-tie wires for your precious clematis stems.  Save them for some other household chore such as tying up trash baggies.  Also, bypass the blue-green soft plant tape if you’re looking for a fashionable way to attach your clematis.  Both of these products possess the most unnatural green coloring that one can think of.  I am surprised that more gardeners aren’t repulsed by their unsightly coloring because they stick out like a sore thumb in the garden.  The green twist-tie wire, especially after it’s been in the full sun for a while because it can fade into a real unattractive blue shade.   

Faded Twist Tie and Faded Rebiga

So, what’s a fashion-conscious clematis gardener to do?  Gardening twine and/or jute are good-looking, but aren’t well-suited to accomplish the intricate job of securing the tender new growth of your clematis.  Well, the Queen’s solution is to use a twisted paper-covered wire that is used by vineyards called Rebiga.  Not only is this German-made product a stylish natural-tan color, it is also perfect for securing both delicate and woody stems of clematis to its support.  I ask you to be the judge, which of the ties I have pictured looks better suited for attaching your clematis, the faded green baggie tie or the used Regia?

Source: Rebiga