Bamboo Hoopla

clematis cage made with bamboo hoops

Hoopla can be defined as: intentionally misleading talk or propaganda, a loud or noisy commotion, a joyous celebration, or a great public uproar, fuss or commotion with attendant publicity or media interest.  When it comes to bamboo U-hoops though, I think your clematis will choose “joyous celebration” because using this versatile means of support for your clematis is not only extremely effective, it is inexpensive.

The U-hoops may be used on their own, but a more attractive and effectual method is to simply connect two of the hoops together at the top making an eye-catching “clematis cage”.  I have found that although twist ties or garden twine will work for this procedure, using copper or baling wire is the strongest and provides the most longevity.

clematis cage made with bamboo hoops

First, choose the height of the stakes you want to use.  You can increase the life of your stakes by using half-inch copper pipe cut to length and slightly crimped at the bottom end which you pound into the soil.   Leave several inches above the ground making sure you have evenly spaced your pipes.  (You can do the same if your clematis are in a container.)  Then simply insert the ends of the U-hoops into the pipes before securing them with wire/ties/twine, again making sure they are spaced properly.  Finally, tie up your clematis, sit back and watch them cling and climb.

So, don’t wait any longer since Spring has sprung and this is the time your clematis need a little “Hoop Dee Doo”!

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clematis cage made with bamboo hoops