Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’

Clematis Ville de Lyon

‘Ville de Lyon’ is a fabulous clematis that I believe has something for everyone.  Not only is it a stand-alone beauty, it also makes a magnificent companion plant.   It looks equally attractive when combined with a soft-colored clematis and holds it own when paired with another striking clematis such as ‘Star of India’.  This French beauty is a perfect candidate to join with Rose ‘Gertrude Jekyll’ or Rose ‘Eden’.

This time honored clematis flower’s tepals are a deep candy-apple red on the outer edges with a crimson bar in the center.   Each tepal is highlighted with an opalescent sheen.  Unfortunately, photographs do not always do complete justice to its Mother-of-Pearl qualities, so you must witness this beauty in person to appreciate its iridescence.  The flower is 4” to 6” in diameter and has 6 tepals. Its stamens are a creamy yellow.  Moderately vigorous and very free- flowering, it can be grown on a tall obelisk or an arbor.  Reaching a height of 7 to 10 (possibly 12) feet, it grows in USDA Zones 4 through 11.  It will grow in any location but it performs best in a sunny spot.  You may prune it either hard or optionally.

Clematis ‘Ville de Lyon’ was cultivated in France by Frances Morel in 1899.  Its parentage is Clematis ‘Viviand Morel’ x Clematis texensis.  Ville de Lyon means City of the Lion.

Clematis Ville de Lyon