A Clematis Necklace Fit for a Queen

My Clematis necklace with C. 'Dorothy Walton'

Over the years I have been looking for a clematis necklace that I could wear during my lectures.  Being the Clematis Queen I wanted something regal…you know, purple and gold.  Finally, in 2009, I finally (well sort of) hit paydirt when I came across a website that had a Kenneth Jay Lane necklace called “Single Daisy Garden Party”.  In my humble opinion and with all due respect to the renowned and extremely gifted Mr. Lane, his gorgeous daisy certainly resembles that of a clematis blossom.  If this is how he sees an everyday daisy can you imagine what he might fashion if he was using a clematis as his source of inspiration?  Until that happens, I am issuing a royal edict proclaiming that the daisy in his necklace is indeed a clematis…at least when it is around my neck.

 My Clematis necklace

Here is my maiden voyage at stringing beads along with the stunning daisy.  I hope it inspires others to create your own special clematis necklace.