The Clematis Queen’s New Year’s Pledges

 Fireworks with clematis flowers
(Image credit: “Fireworks” is licensed by Nikita. I used Nikita’s Fireworks as part of my photo collage.)


Here’s hoping your 2014 will be off to a great start and filled with clematis flowers!

Here are the Queen’s Top 10 New Year’s Pledges.

#1 Purge unwanted plants…I am going to remove any plants (even clematis) that are not performing well and/or as expected.  I will not feel bad because this will make room for something new such as well… another clematis.

#2 Treat my ‘babies’ to the very best … I am going to be on schedule this year and feed my babies on time with Gro Power.

#3 Mulch… one can never have too much of a good thing.  This also goes for mulch.

#4 Be on the lookout for weeds, but realize that they are part of the gardening experience (okay not necessarily a positive one).  So, I am going to give myself a pass if a few manage to creep in.

#5 Update any of my old or missing labels on my clematis…this is extremely useful when someone asks me which cutie it is and I am having a senior moment.

#6 Sharpen my clippers regularly… this year I am going to get my pruners professionally sharpened to start the year off right and then be more diligent about keeping them cleaned and sharpened at home.

#7 Continue to support my local independent and Internet nurseries… it is essential to keep our national gardening treasure troves (especially, in my opinion, those which are carrying a diverse amount of clematis) from becoming extinct due takeover by Big Box stores.  

#8 Plant things that bring back happy and sentimental feelings… Every year I plant some annual Scabiosus (the nostalgic pincushion flower) and when it blooms I remember how much my sweet  Mummy loved her garden.

#9 I will be Good to MYSELF…. I will make sure to take care of my skin by wearing lots of sun screen, a hat and gloves.

#10 I will continue to spread my clematis addiction….I will tell my visitors how rewarding the genus is and how it has changed my life, so they too can know what it is like to be clematized!!!