Fogger Mist Nozzle

Dramm Fogg-It hose nozzles

Dramm Fogg-It hose nozzle spraying

Do you live in an area that experiences extremely hot, very dry and/or windy weather or worse yet, all of these extremes?  If you answered “yes”, I think a fogger nozzle is a must-have for your garden helper’s arsenal.  Where I live in Southern California, we can, throughout the year, have several days that reach into the high eighties (occasionally even the nineties and above).  That, coupled with the strong hot Santa Ana winds, can make it feel like you’re in hades.  So, I cannot tell you how happy I’m (not to mention my clematis) that I own a Dramm Fogg-It hose nozzle. 

For years I only owned the “low volume” Dramm nozzle that allows 2-gallons of water per minute. It did the trick, but I’m so happy I finally purchased the “fine volume” Dramm nozzle (the one with the purple label) that allows only 1-gallon of water per minute, because this one is little more gentle. 

The solid brass nozzle has three mist jets which deliver a gentle spray in a conical pattern which is also perfect for removing dust off plants or gently watering tender seedlings.  The nozzle’s jets act as micro atomizers which allow the nozzle to create a super-fine mist that raises the humidity while at the same time quickly cooling down your clematis and other plants. 

The nozzle fits on the end of a standard hose, but I have also added a brass shut-off valve to mine which gives me fingertip control to be able turn it on and off, making it easier as I’m going around my garden to use it.

 feet in thongs

An added bonus is, as you are misting your clematis, you will feel as though that you are walking in a tropical rain forest.  So, put on your shorts and flip flops and let the Hawaiian fantasy begin.  Aloha!