How to Build a Copper and Redwood Trellis

Copper and Redwood Trellis

As our clematis growing season is coming to a close, I thought it would be nice to share with you a couple diagrams on how to construct a copper and redwood trellis my terrific husband, Ken, designed.  You could start building one now or in winter so you could have a new DIY home ready for your clematis when they begin to wake up next spring.  Yes, there are plenty of commercially-made options available, but sometimes they may not be right for your individual needs and/or you just like the idea of building something yourself.  So, if you are the handy type, you should be able to construct your own attractive and very sturdy supports for your clematis.  One nice thing about these trellises is that they last forever (okay you may have to replace the redwood pieces every 10 or 15 years or so), but to me that is quite a long time. So, I hope after seeing my picture and my husband’s diagrams it will inspire you to want to build one or more of these trellises to support your clematis. 

Here are my husband Ken's diagrams showing how to make a five foot and a six foot fan trellis: (Please Click to see the PDF files: 5' Trellis and 6' Trellis.)