My Friend Suzy Brooks

Suzy Brooks and the Clematis Queen

One the best things about becoming the Clematis Queen are all the nice people I meet along the way.  One of these special people is Suzy Brooks.  I first had the privilege of corresponding with her when I was working at a retail nursery in 1996 and was responsible for ordering their clematis.  One of the vendors I ordered clematis from was Monterey Bay wholesale nursery, so when I needed to know about their availability I would contact her.  Normally you get faxes with just a list of the cultivars and the quantities of plants that are available. 

a fax from Suzy Brooks

a fax from Suzy Brooks

Not so with Suzy, she would send me special faxes (like the ones above), but I suspect the reason I was a lucky recipient of these creative faxes was because after all I am royalty.  How could I not love the pictures of clematis and her cute drawing of me being a queen with a crown (yes, I used to have longer hair)?  Even when I had stopped working for the nursery I still wanted to stay in contact with her (i.e. be friends).  We met in person in August of 1997 when she arranged for me to be the guest speaker for their CAN chapter.  Since then my 15 year relationship with her has bloomed from a pleasant business acquaintance into her becoming a very dear friend of mine.  I just smile every time I think about her…she really is so much fun to be with (all I can tell you is that my cheeks hurt from laughing every time we get together).  I know that those of you who know her will definitely agree with me to know Suzy is to love Suzy!!!  

P.S.  Don’t you just love the Easter Card she sent me… Clematis and Gold Glitter for Easter!

Easter card with Clematis